Graduation Speech Outline

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As promised, I am back with an outline to help you structure your graduation speech. Each section is denoted with a roman numeral, and each subsection is denoted with a lowercase letter.

I. Introduction

a) Say hello to everybody

b) Thank them for coming

c) Make some remarks about how excited you are to be graduating

II. About You

a) Tell a few short, important/humorous childhood stories about yourself

b) Talk about your role model(s) and how they influenced your life

c) Tell how you could “not have gotten [where you are] without” ____.

III. Thank You

a) Say you would like to thank a few people specifically for all of their help

b) Thank your mom, then your dad (always put mom first, everything goes smoother that way)

c) Thank whatever mentor influenced you the most (in a good way)

d) Thank whoever put together your graduation party

IV. Conclusion

a) Tell everyone to enjoy the party

b) Offer them the refreshments they’ve already been stuffing themselves with

c) Thank them once again

This outline should help you to make an excellent graduation speech. If you model your graduation speech following the above outline, you should have no trouble making a good, interesting speech at your graduation.



Graduation Speeches

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When graduating from high school, your graduation speech is one of the most important parts of the ceremony. It is important to prepare a good speech so that you hold everybody’s interest while at the same time satisfying everyone “important”. The following are several points you try to cover during your graduation speech:

1. Thank everybody for being there. They enjoy coming and eating all the free food, but if you don’t thank them, they think you’re rude. Funny how that works, eh?

2. Thank your parents and relatives for “always being there” for you and “helping [you] when [you] needed it most”, even if they didn’t. Common courtesy again.

3. Don’t sound too intellectually astute. Crack a joke.

5. Do not say that you have five points and then skip number four (see point #4).

Following these few points should help you to write a decent graduation speech. I will come back next time with a more in-depth outline that should be much more beneficial to those writing graduation speeches.